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    Thank you for visiting the Johnson City Independent School District Technology Department. We excel in providing all the tools needed for student and teacher success. The district has a high speed network available for every classroom, computer lab and office in the district. Each location has access to the internet which is filtered for student safety. We provide multiple network and computer programs for learning and research, and we take pride in being on the spot with support and training. We are proud of JCISD and we are honored to support the learning process. If you have any ideas, suggestions, concerns, or other matters you would like to talk to us about, I encourage you to contact us. We will respond as quickly as possible.
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    Adam Hermes
    Technology Director


    Welcome. The Technology Department has given me the opportunity as a computer technician to serve the J.C.I.S.D. student and staff computer needs. The work is challenging and rewarding. In our high-tech world, the staff and students can reap endless benefits from technology. My job is to make equipment available, equipment installation, maintain/ repair equipment, and load any software necessary for the computers. Should any request or piece of equipment be out of my league, Adam Hermes, my supervisor will always take the time to teach me. This position has many learning opportunities for me to grow and share knowledge with others. My duties also include maintaining technology inventory and the administration of the Accelerated Reader program.

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    Share Saenger

    Technology Specialist