• Medication Procedures

    Our school district requires new forms to be filled out for every school year. That means that the forms on file from previous years will not be valid for the current school year.

    All medications need to be in the original container and/or prescription bottle with the child’s name on it.

    • For non-prescription medications, a parent signature is all that is required. However, any non-prescription medications that require a dosage not listed on the label as safe for your child’s weight/age category need a physician’s signature as well.  Some examples of this would be requesting for your child to be given medication that is listed as 12 years and older and they are only 8 years old or for 3 tablets to be given and it is only recommended to take 1 tablet.
    • For prescription medications, a parent signature and the prescribing physician’s signature is required.  For those students wanting to be able to self-administer their asthma or anaphylaxis medication to themselves while at school, it is required that both the request to dispense medication form and the permission to self-administer form be filled out and signed by a physician as well as the parent.

    All medication administration forms can be found here on the Johnson City ISD website under Health Forms. Please plan to bring these completed forms to the nurse's office if you want your child to receive medications while they are at school. No medication will be given at school without the forms signed and properly filled out. Parents must hand deliver the medications with completed forms to the nurse’s office to be checked for full accuracy.

    Please feel free to call or email for any questions or concerns.


    Isela Raffety, RN
    District Nurse

    Phone: 830-868-4028

    Fax: 830-357-7762

    Email: iraffety@jcisd.txed.net