Google Migration Update Notes:

  • We have transitioned from Exchange to Google. We had to adjust the setup a bit to get it all working. Here is a summary of what to expect:

    1. Mail is now flowing to our Google domain.
    2. Exchange mail has been disabled and forwarded to our Google domain. So we are getting email sent to both email domains ( &
    3. Email access is now done online, and the website link to email has been changed to our new Google domain. If anyone wants to get to their email they can go here: (which will allow them to enter their username and password without having to enter their entire email address).
    4. We are now using the domain for email until further notice. We have been informed that changing our domain from that to would break our settings for our devices. We will work on this and likely make changes to this over the summer.
    5. Setup your phone to use the domain until further notice.
    6. We decided to NOT require users to change their passwords on first login to avoid difficulties.
    7. District Google account passwords must be changed within the JCISD network. When attempted in Google, users will be directed to instructions on a district webpage
    8. When users change their district computer login password, it will sync with their district Google password so that they match. They will not sync until an initial password change.
    9. If users want to continue to use Exhange/Outlook I have a plugin I can install to set that up. However, it doesn’t have all the functions as online Google.

    I also updated our Lightspeed filter to the latest version. They no longer support mail filtering with this new version. So moving to Gmail will save us from having to upgrade to a new lightspeed device which is approximately $10K. Other costs will be avoided as well.

    If you have any questions or issues please let me know.

    Thank you,