• Austin Community College/Dual Credit


    Welcome to the Dual Credit Program at LBJ High School!

    This is an amazing program and a wonderful opportunity for LBJ students to earn college credit while still in high school. This program offers opportunities for growth through self-discipline & self-motivation, and we are always here to help!

    Some classes are sponsored by the high school.  If a class is not sponsored by the high school but is on the ACC's core curriculum, the cost for each class is $150.  Students are responsible for ordering and paying for their ACC textbooks.  

    Students are responsible for registering for classes and dropping or withdrawing from classes.  

    For more information:


    Counseling for HS Dual Credit

    Melissa Wood mwood@jcisd.txed.net



    ** Important: It is now State law at all Texas state colleges and universities (for all courses):  "A new law puts a brake on dropping classes at Texas state colleges and universities." "Starting Fall 2007, students attending Texas public colleges can withdraw from no more than six courses during their undergraduate career. The withdrawal limit applies to first-time college students and follows them until they graduate. Current and returning students are not affected."