Eagles in Service

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    Eagles in Service is a program to encourage our LBJHS students to volunteer in our local schools and community. For recognition in the EIS Program students are encouraged to document 25 or more hours of school and/or community service each year.


    Graduating Seniors who have documented 100 or more hours in their LBJHS careers are presented with a red, white and blue Volunteer Cord to wear during Graduation activities.




    Who can volunteer?   Any LBJHS student may volunteer in the Eagles in Service program.

    When do I volunteer?   Set your own schedule. 

    Where do I volunteer?   We will post volunteer opportunities such as school and local community events that may happen only once, or maybe once a year.  We will also post opportunities with local organizations that can become on-going volunteer activities. 

    Why volunteer?   Volunteering is good for you, it's good for others and helps us all to build a strong connection to the people and the world around us. 

    How much should I volunteer?   That's up to you...students with a minimum 25 hours of documented volunteerism each year will be recognized at the annual Academic Awards Ceremony.  Seniors may earn a Volunteer Cord to wear at graduation on the following basis: